Vonage.com Review

Vonage.com Overview

Vonage.com is one of the biggest VOIP providers and pioneer of internet services. The company provides low cost phone answering services to people through broadband devices across the world. According to Vonage.com reviews, this internet phone service has more than 2.5 million subscriber line across the world.

Vonage.com introduced a new service in 2011, known as Vonage extensions which enable customers to extend their Vonage services to additional landlines, mobiles or phone lines at no additional costs. Notably, Vonage.com customers can download Vonage mobile applications which are available on Android and iPhone devices for absolutely free.

While using Vonage services, one must have a broadband Ethernet connection such as DSL or Cable via an UInternet Service Provide (ISP), shipping and billing address in America or a Vonage phone adapter (a Vonage box).

It should be noted that subscribers using this internet phone answering services can choose a number in which they can subscribe to for their primary line. Vonage.com also offers virtual numbers in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. The company also porting in American telephone numbers through  the local number portability (LNP).

What Vonage.com Offers

Vonage.com offers various calling plans – international, domestic and business plans, and has more than 25 features. These features include 411 calling, visual voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting caller ID, do not disturb etc.

Vonage.com Best Offers

One of the most popular plans of vonage.com is the Vonage World calling plan, which it introduced in 1999. As was mentioned in Vonage.com review, this plan has unlimited international calls to more than 65 countries. Vonage.com started to offer its smartphone applications in late 2009. Vonage mobile for instance, provides international calls through via Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Who Chooses Vonage.com

Vonage.com also provides free Vonage Mobile applications for facebook to facebook friends who have the applications for Android devices, iPod touch, operating over Wi-Fi (free), iPhone/iPad, and 3G/4G networks

Residents in Canada, UK and America can subscribe to one of the best internet phone services vonage.com by credit cards from their own countries. Notably, the Vonage Box can easily be connected to the Internet anywhere.

Vonage.com services heavily rely upon compatibility of VoIP equipment with ISP’s modem and broadband-ISP uptime. Although VoIP can be optimized for voice, fax equipments can be operated via VoIP,[50][51][52]. This notwithstanding, however, the compatibility of monitored alarm system is less certain. Voyage.com recommends its customers to keep basic traditional landlines that are dedicated to their home alarm system.