Review Overview

Most reviews about indicate that they are cheaper than most VoIP services. Viatalk has several features and the company keeps on improving these features without increasing the cost. services are easy to use and navigate through, and as a result, most people do not find it necessary to seek help from the customer care.

What Offers provides the cheapest Voice over Internet Protocol Services as compared to other service Internet services was established in 2003, and the company is available in Canada and in the US. provides a cost effective phone services for business and residential customers. Viatalk makes use of the state of art fibre optic network so that they can provide high quality services to customers. Best Offers

 The phone answering services are divided into two plans. These plans include the business and the residential plan. The plans have features that enable one to meet his/her communication needs for his business and home. For any plan that one selects, one is likely to get voicemail and call options, security and privacy setting, advanced features, call control features and some smart optional features

 According to review, there are two options for the residential plan. The VT_Unlimited Lite where one can get 33 hours at a cost of $ 10.95 per month and the VT Unlimited whereby one gets unlimited minutes at the cost of 8.9 per month in the first three month and after that one will, get 16.95 per month. This is the most popular plan of this service, and if one is technically savvy, then he/she is likely to receive even cheaper rates.

On the other hand, the business plan has three options. These plans are the VT Business of 15000 minutes at a cost of $35 per month, VT business unlimited BYO and VT business unlimited. In this case, one has to pay $42.95 for the business unlimited plans. It should be noted that the main differences between  the different  Viatalk  services is the  number of time or minutes one gets  by selecting  a given plan.

Who Chooses

Although there are a number of positive reviews about the phone answering services, some people would still complain that the company does not offer quality services. Some will argue that some of their customer care staff is not well trained to understand customers’ problems and to answer them well.  Some argue that does not have a clearly shared configuration, and this makes people to look for help from the customer care.