Uberconference.com Review

uberconference review

About Uberconference.com

Uberconference.com gives users a simple, powerful and pain-free way of scheduling and running audio conferences without PINs. According to teleconference services reviews, it reduces the trouble that callers go through to conference.

Uberconference adds visual dimension and smart contact integration to the audio conferencing. You can invite and automatically authenticate the callers according to contact information. It allows users to see people in conference and whoever is speaking from what computer. There is an option to control calls with features like record, mute and more by just a simple click.

Uber Conference makes meetings better as users are not limited to clumsy keypads and cryptic codes in order to control or manage calls. It has a rich interface that simplifies the way of doing things such as muting noisy callers, dialing-in other person in the middle of a call and more.

 Uberconference.com Features

With uberconference.com, callers are kept on schedule and do not have to agonize about dialing in again. It even calls guests mid-call for them to join in the call while at the same time, it supports calling-in traditional way.

Other Uber Conference features are:

  • Web conferences
  • Custom hold music
  • Free conference calls
  • Free call recording
  • Integrated social profiles
  • Document sharing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Local dial in number
  • Screen sharing
  • International calling from mire that 40 countries
  • Phone calls and Google Hangouts

Why use Uberconference.com

Uberconference.com allows users a choice of 3 plans for them to choose the right one. There are free plan accommodating up to 10 callers and Pro for individual users accommodating up to 100 users at $10/month and Business plan for teams or companies at $10/organizer/month. This one has all features in other two plans but is comprehensive to handle team management.

  • Affordability: UberConference is affordable as everyone it has a free plan with all main conferencing features. Those who go for Pro or Business plans get additional features such as unlimited calls , international dial-ins , own local number without Pin and recurring conferences among others.
  • Easy to join: Joining Uberconference.com does not require anything special. After that, you can dial into UberConference from any phone like any other audio conference service. Users schedule calls and use all visual features by login from an internet connected device or computer using a browser. Android app and Chrome App allows better control and experience.
  • High number of callers: Uber Conference accommodates a high number of conference participants from 10 for free account, 100 for Pro and teams for business account.

Downside of Uberconference.com

Premium chat& email support which is an exclusive feature for business plan is only available at 5 am EST- 8 pm EST.

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