smartercalls review

About is Birmingham based non-profit instant stress, hassle-free conference call service. According to some teleconference services reviews, it also offers cloud collaboration service. Each conference call for this international service raises money for charity but at no cost to users as a portion of each call is assigned for that purpose. Business in UK spends around £ 350m annually on conference calls but conference call companies spend it on sales and marketing. It can however do much even if a percentage is redirected to charity.

Conference callers have to date raised money for charities such as Birmingham Children, Save the Children and Marine Conservancy society.

Smarter Calls shares infrastructure with PGI, one of largest international conference call providers therefore users are guaranteed of same reliability, high quality and security. Features

  • Simple to use conference call service of highest quality
  • Instant account set up
  • Pay per minute to dial into a conference from UK landline without charges to organizer
  • Dial in numbers for a dozen countries including UK and US and nearly 50 countries with premium account
  • No bills as each caller pays for own call or bridging fee allowing cost saving for each caller in conference
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • Unlimited online team rooms with up to 5GB storage
  • Call recording that is accessible via tea room or email
  • Choice to pay on PAYG (Pay As You Go) or monthly basis

Why use

  • Online meeting spaces: SmarterCalls has unique online meeting spaces to make conference call more visual, productive and expressive. There are sheets to make sketches within meeting space, recording tasks and posting sticky notes. They are quite easy to use on calls without installing software and work perfectly in web browsers. Online meeting spaces save users from frustration of trying to clearly maker a point in conference call and find themselves itching to draw quick sketch, brainstorm ideas or take actions down.
  • Cheaper cost: does not use the expensive premium rate numbers. It instead uses local rate numbers that cost 4.3 pence/minute from UK landline. It has low cost international access numbers for 12 countries including US and a number of countries in Europe.
  • Skypeout calls: Users can make Skypeout call to provided number or try accessing the number from their country.

Downside of

Service is subject to the available capacity and does not guarantee the number of connections required by users will all the time be available. It also does not guarantee its service will always be fault free but does everything to sort reported faults soonest.

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