Rangatel.com Review

Rangatel.com Overview

Rangetel.com is another leading VoIP service provider in the world.  The internet service provider offers a free international calling plan to 32 countries, which includes Canada and America. As compared to other phone companies, Rangel.com offers relatively many internet phone answering services. Notably, residential and business plans are both available through Rangel.com. New clients are entitled to receive up to one month free services to test it out before they can start paying for it.

Rangatel.com Offers

As already noted, Rangel.com is a business and residential VoIP provider which is located in America. It offers unlimited free calls to mobile phones and landlines in various countries for a low price of $25 per month. To make calls, one will be required to connect a fixed phone to Rangel’s telephone adaptor which is connected to the internet. In registering with this rangatel.com, one will require a credit card and a US shipping address during registration.

Who Chooses Rangatel.com

Rangatel.com offers calling cards to anybody who resides in America. It should be noted that according to Rangatel.com reviews, one will be required to dial the access numbers followed by the number of an individual that you will want to call from any mobile phones in order to enjoy crystal clear calls.

On the other hand, one will be required to  register his/her number  before making calls through access  numbers as only registered numbers can  make any desired  international calls. The Residential Unlimited Plan enables one to make calls within any part of Canada and USA at a limited price of $20 per month. It also enables one to communicate with other Rangatel clients for free.

The Freedom plan service that is offered by Rangatel enables one to make calls to any Rangatel.com customers by making a one time  telephony payment of $49 for the telephone adapter.

Rangatel.com Best Offers

Rangatel.com is a treasure for phone answering services, and therefore, one should take advantage of this to make unlimited free calls to countries like USA, Canada, India and other countries. Rangatel.com is specialized in providing internet digital phone services to make calls to any parts of the world. The company offers a very high commission of US $50 per sale that is generated through this website. It also has an affiliate program at Clixgalore.com, which one can join freely and pays commissions on time.