teleconference services review

Audio Teleconferencing is a company that specializes in making sure that you have everything that you needs when it comes to your auto teleconferencing equipment. They have a great website,, which allows customers to see the different equipment they have available. They have everything ranging from conference phones to even computer headsets. So, if you were looking to update your audio teleconferencing equipment this is the place that you will want to check out.

Audio Teleconferencing allows you to browse their wide selection of teleconferencing equipment from the comfort of your home. If you are on a budget they even allow you to only view the audio teleconferencing equipment that is within your spending budget. However, as with any other website, also has its downfalls as well. For you to really be able to access anything you must first sign in. They have different tabs at the top for users to click on however they have no information under them. This may be something that may turn some potential customers away. Also, when you visit their about us page it is also has very limited information. It does not tell how long they have been in business or anything of that nature. Then, the most alarming thing is they have no testimonials on their site and it is very hard to find reviews about this company also.

Overall, looks like it has good potential; they just need to have some minor kinks worked out. Some people may be willing to take a risk with this site but then there are others who will probably take their business elsewhere. However, this is perfectly understandable because people want to know that they are dealing with a legit company before they just put all of their personal information out in the open.