Instant Teleconference Connection – Review of teleconference services review

Personally, I feel that Conference Call Now is the best teleconference service on the market right now. When going through the whole sign up process they were very friendly and customer support answered all of my questions that I had about teleconferencing in general. The best thing about this company, unlike other teleconferencing services, is that they allow you to pay as you go. I never liked doing the whole contract thing so this was a very good turn on for me. Also, they have very reasonable rates. You would be surprised what other companies quoted me as their rates. Let me just tell you one thing they were very unreasonable that’s for sure.

Conference Call now even has a website that potential customers can go to so they can find out more about their teleconferencing services. Their site,, is very easy to navigate and they do not try to hide anything or trick their customers in any way. The only thing that I was skeptical about at first was it can be very hard to find reviews about Conference Call Now on the internet. Also, they have no testimonials on their website, However, in the end I was very glad that I overlooked this small mishap because their teleconference services are of very high quality.

I have been with Conference Call Now for quite some time and I can say that I have never once had a problem with this company. I have recommended them too many others that I know and they also say that they are grateful for me opening their eyes up to this company. Conference Call Now has a lot of potential and I see them being around for a very long time. When one goes to their website,, and sees all of their amazing features there is no way that they will not like what they see and want to sign up with them immediately.