powwownow.co.uk teleconference services review

Free Teleconferencing from Pow Wow Now

Powwow Now is a free and easy teleconferencing service. To sign up all you have to do is enter your email address and you will be given a pin. They are known for offering web conferencing and conference calls. Despite their unprofessional name their services seem to be pretty good. They have been around since 2004 however the only serve the United Kingdom. This company is very in tune with the social media sites such as twitter and facebook however it is hard to find out what customers actually think about their teleconferencing services.

When one comes across their website, www.powwownow.co.uk, they may find it to be a little misleading at first. This is because they mentioned all of their services are free then it has a section that says all you pay for is the price of your call. However, this company does offer a lot of great features including on hold music that you get to chose and a free mobile app. So, if one is able to get over this companies misleading “free” gimmick then they may actually be able to find their teleconferencing services useful.

Currently, this company only has one plan available which is the premium packages however in the future they also plan on introducing a plus package. They seem to be very easy to contact however it is understandable if people remain a little iffy of the company because as mentioned earlier it is hard to find teleconference services reviews that talk about Powwow Now. Therefore, there is no real way to know if their services are worth the money unless one actually gives them a try. Their site looks very professional but everyone knows that looks can be deceiving. Not to say that this is the case with Powwow Now but just think about it a name says a lot about a company.