Examining Contact Conference Services, Inc – Review of contactcall.com

contactcall.com teleconference services review

Contact Conference Services, Inc is a company that a lot of people do not know much about. They have an established website, www.contactcall.com; however it does not really do their teleconferencing services much justice. Their site states one of their rates but there are other competitors on the market that have prices lower than theirs. Also, when one goes to look and see what people have said about their teleconferencing services this can be a rather hard to find. The company also claims to be very experienced yet they fail to mention how long they have been in business. Then, the most amazing thing is when you are looking for teleconferencing service reviews Contact Conference Services, Inc is not listed among any of the listing.

Contact Conference Services, Inc may very well be a good company. However, based on information on their site there is a lot that leaves the mind to wonder. They state that their sign up process is easy but they don’t talk about the quality of their calls. However, the do have a customer support team that is available at all hours so maybe they are the ones who answer all the mystery questions. Overall, for this company to be successful they will have to advertise more as well as make a more detailed website in order to get the business that they desire. Currently, their teleconferencing services will come off to a newcomer as quite a mystery which may drive them to go to a more established company. Also, if they have not been in business that long working on their rates may be something that will have to be changed as well. Especially when there are other companies that have excellent feedback are offering much lower rates. Some teleconferencing companies even offer new customers a free trial.