Enjoy Great Features of Call Sparks – callsparks.com Review

callsparks.com teleconference services review

Are you looking for flat rate conference calls? If the answer is yes then Call Sparks is the teleconferencing company that you should be checking out. I have been with this company for quite some time now and I have never experienced any problems with them. Their sign up process is very easy. They have two ways that one can go about getting started. You can either fill out the form on their website, www.callsparks.com or you can call them on their free 800 number. I chose to do the form online but from dealing with their customer support staff I would say calling them would be a good way to get started as well.

Call Sparks is a company that I trust when it comes to getting my audio teleconferencing needs taken care of. Their teleconferencing services are really easy to use. Their rates are really reasonable and they also have people available to assist you around the clock if you have any problems. Trust me, I know. Once I had a technical problem at three in the morning and when I called I was able to get my problem taken care of in under an hour. They even gave me a follow up call the next day to make sure that no other problems had occurred.

Call Sparks also has lots of great features that come along with their teleconferencing services. They have a lot of their features listed on their website, www.callsparks.com. Some of the features that I personally enjoy is they give you your own conference number and you also get your own free personalized greeting. Out of all the other teleconferencing services I had looked at they were the only ones that offered the free personalized greeting feature. I feel that they are a great company to go with and I don’t think I will be switching from them any time soon.