Eagle Teleconferencing – Review of eagletel.com

eagletel.com teleconference services review

Eagle Teleconferencing is a teleconferencing service that has been around since 1986. I can personally say that I have been one of their customers since the early nineties. Over the years I have been able to see how they have improved and made changes to their teleconferencing services. I think all of the changes and improvements have been for the best. They offer high quality teleconferencing services that range from audio teleconferencing to web conferencing. It seems that all of their customers are pleased with their teleconferencing services. They are a much respected company and you can see testimonials on their website, www.eagletel.com, and you also can see reviews written about them on the web as well. All of the years that I have been with this company I have never had not even one bad thing to say about them. Whenever I contact their customer support they are always very friendly and get the issue that I am having solved very quickly. Their workers are never rude or let their emotions show over the phone like other companies I have heard about. Also, they have the lowest rates out of any of the other teleconference service providers my friends use. However, they do not mention their rates on www.eagletel.com you have to call to get that information.

When you visit www.eagletel.com you will basically be able to find out a variety of useful information about their teleconferencing company. They may not have all the features that other teleconferencing services have but they do fit my needs. They even have members of their customer support team available sometimes so you can talk to them via live chat. I have found this feature on their website to be useful quite a few times. I recommend www.eagletel.com to everyone who approaches me about finding a good teleconference service provider.