cumeeting review

About is new generation of a modern web conference solution for remote communications. According to ourĀ teleconference services reviews, it provides customers with full solution for remote communications on different businesses such as stock market, live classrooms, online seminars and training sessions.

The philosophy of CU meeting is endeavoring to satisfy needs of customers by providing competitive high quality web media communication solution. It aims at continuing to create optimum value for customers.

Vision of CUMeeting is to make video collaboration omnipresent. It adheres to independent innovation in order to enhance enterprise competitiveness. It is dedicated to furthering development of video conferencing by helping customers to hold smooth, efficient and stable web conferencing. considers it to be a social responsibility to help people have better health and education service through internet using technology and products. Services offers services that make remote sales presentation, conference, online training and customer service more easily. Its main services are:

  • Online meeting: One of dedicated CU Meeting cloud-based video conferencing services with flexible software for all industries, organizations, departments and governments.
  • Online training: CUMeeting has online training software that enables instructors to share documents, applications, screen etc on their computer, interact with trainees via text message exchanges, draw attention to certain areas of interest and examine training results with electronic voting.
  • Online teaching: online teaching software to offer real time, simple to use, highly collaborative and cost effective full features classroom environment that consists of interactive virtual classroom that features user friendly and specially designed accessible interface for individuals and professionals.
  • Webinar service: This is for conducting it yourself webinars to reach many attendees simultaneously at flat rate. Multimedia webinars reduce travel cost.
  • Video conferencing: Unlimited video conferencing to do anything that can be done in person – sales presentations, online training, team meetings and more from anywhere at anytime. With collaboration can be done anywhere with Android, iPad or Iphone.
  • Online video conferencing
  • Web conferencing Advantages

CU Meeting users enjoy these advantages

  • Reduced office cost, need to travel and carbon footprint
  • 15 day trial for all services
  • Organizations can acquire accounts they can centrally administer for a product(s).
  • Unlimited number of attendees for organizers
  • Allowance to change single-organizer account so as to accommodate multiple organizers
  • Starting is free with fast setup within minutes and usable immediately after setup.
  • Meeting can be held from any computer with internet connection Downside can change terms of service anytime without notice to user and continued use thereafter is considered to be acceptance of revised terms.

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