Review of Teleconferencing service

Conference now is a teleconferencing service that makes teleconferencing super easy. Conference now has been in business since the year 2002. However, currently conference now is only able to service residents and businesses that are located in the United Kingdom and Germany. Conference now is an excellent teleconferencing service provider because when one uses conference now they will find out that conference now never has any hidden fees or monthly fees. Also, conference now does not require you to sign a contract. What more could you want out of your teleconferencing service?

However, it can be hard to find reviews about conference now. Conference now may indeed be legit yet conference now only has two testimonials on their website,, and it is very hard to find reviews about conference now throughout the web. We found this to be very strange due to the fact that they have been in the teleconferencing business for so long. Another, thing we found to be a little strange was the fact that conference now has been in business since 2002 yet their website,, has only been operating since 2009.

Overall, conference now does have a great customer service team yet even though conference now has been in business for as long as they have conference now still does not offer free conference calls for an extended amount of time so they could possibly gain more customers. Conference now may indeed be a legit teleconferencing service yet until conference now finds a way to reach more customers to get more reviews conference now may have a hard time proving this to potential clients. But, with that being said conference now also does not have any bad reviews so that must be a good sign as well.