teleconference services review

Conference Plus is a very well established company. When you first arrive to their company site you can see that it is very easy to navigate and everything is set up in a very professional manner. First, the let you know that they are a teleconferencing service that provides audio teleconferencing as well as web conferencing. Also, they have their price listed in a very visible spot and they even offer a free trial. However, from their site you really cannot tell how good their customer support is. This is because they have a section where you feel out and they are supposed to call you. But, when filling out the form it does not tell you how long it will take them to call you. This may seem kind of unprofessional to some people who were considering their teleconference services.

When you look on this company’s testimonial page you will see nothing but wonderful things said about them. People are saying things about how good and reliable their conferencing calling services are as well as how flexible they can be. Basically, there seems to be no cons that come along with this company or are they just hiding it? Everyone knows that someone is going to have something bad to say about a company even if it is just a teleconferencing service. However, with Conference Plus you can find nothing bad said about them in teleconferencing services reviews so are these good reviews from real customers and they are just hiding the bad ones? This is something that potential customers may want to look into. Not saying that this isn’t a good company because they have in fact been around for quite some time. Also, they are well connected in the social media sites such as twitter and facebook.