Review Overview is a US cable service subsidiary and provider of Washington Post Company. The functions as corporation within the parent company. was established in 1997, but before that, the company was called Post-Newweek Cable. The headquarters of this company is at Phoenix, Arizona.

Who Chooses

As was mentioned in various reviews, CableOne is the 10th phone answering service in America with most of its subscribers staying in small rural areas in the nineteen Midwestern, western, and southern states. By 2009, there were more than 700,000 subscribers who received phone answering services, while more than 230,000 received digital video services from

Currently, provides services in 19 American states including Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, South Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, and Idaho.

What Offers

It should be noted that offers broadband internet to more than 370,000 subscribers. Notably, the company started a system-by-system launch for its digital telephone services whose current subscribers is about 94,000. is currently the only cable provider that can map sub-channel numbers the same like digital cable box channel numbers. offers technology integration, customer service and associate training. Customers located in the 19 states of America enjoy the companies’ services a great deal. Best Offers

In the early 2007, the CableOne.Net introduced a new policy in their internet service plans. Bandwidth caps or consumption caps were put in place to reduce the ability of customers to transfer a large amount of data during peak hours. This policy was reinforced between 12:00 hours and midnight for residential customers. In this case, Cable Residential Standard customers, who transfer more than 2,250 MB downstream will have their Cableone throttled  back to 2.5 Mbit/s to from 4:00pm to midnight. The policy is aimed at limiting the unusual high bandwidth during the peak hours hence reducing the possible negative impact it may have to other customers. In addition, has introduced a 50Mbit/s down plan which requires a one year contract. The plan has a data cap of 50GB per month. For any additional GB, the company charges $0.50. provides its customers and community at large with great phone answering services. The daily services guarantees prompt actions whenever the company’s customers make calls. Notably, the customer service has associates who are empowered to solve issues from customers as easily and quickly as possible.