Review of internet phone service Overview is a subsidiary of Covergent Networks and was established towards the end of 2003. is based in Massachusetts and Billerica area. However, Convergent has since been bought by Eastern Photonics, which is a subsidiary of Global NAPs.

What Offers provides VoIP services through leased   transport between its media servers. The company does not, therefore, operate its own network. As was mentioned in reviews, the common features of include Caller ID, Voicemail, call answering services and Call waiting which are all for free. Customers can also enjoy features like Outlook Integration and Simultaneous Ring for free. provides internet phone answering services and the company is not affiliated with Database Systems Corp.  The is a telephone service provider which can enable customers to conduct video and voice communication through broadband internet connections. Typically, customers receive and make phone calls through ordinary telephones which are connected to the analog telephone adaptor or WiFi phone. Broadband either provides the necessary devices to its clients or customers use their own equipments on a discount plans. Best Offers

The supports G.711 companding services. However,  phone answering services  are frequently not able to pass  through the dual-tone  multi-frequency signals, and this prevents  touch-tone dialing. also frequently experiences  outages for  its Web-based  management  portal and Voice services. Surcharges and fees assessed by include international regulatory fee, regulatory recovery fee, universal service fee, Emergency 911 cost recovery fee, and $5.00 charge which is meant to change CNAM caller ID listings.

BroadVoice phone answering services enable small business customers or residential customers to make use of their BroadBand internet connections to receive or make Voice over IP phone calls by using an ordinary analog telephone.  For advanced customers, provides BYOD options which enable   users to instantly connect their SIP devices such as Asterisk PBX or Cisco IP Phone and make calls through the internet.

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According to internet phone services reviews, BroadVoice phone service can be used by everyone. Notably, it is easy to install with your touch-tone telephone and broadband internet.  It should also be noted that the phone systems can connect to employees who are either working at home, in a remote or local offices. The intelligent phone systems communicate with applications written on Linux, Unix and PC servers over a LAN. It should be noted that offers calls to any telephone number which is either in the US or internationally.