Review Overview is a reliable top internet phone answering service that makes use of the existing high speed cable connection to make unlimited calls at a cheap price.

What Offers has more than 40 calling features and this makes it the best deal than one will ever find. Unlike sometimes back, internet phone services from Axvoice are readily available and all that one has to do is to have an access to a regular telephone and high speed internet.  By having this, one will be able to save a lot of money on long-distance and local calls. is very reliable, hence has a wide range of acceptance. Notably, most phone companies have already taken advantage of this technology to provide cheaper rates.

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This internet phone service has a number of advantages as opposed to the traditional phone services. One of the most obvious benefits of this service is that it is cheap. In this case, one can easily make phone calls from his/her PC to any PC across the world for free or at a limited fee.  It should be noted that one can sign up with VoIP services provider for a small monthly fee and get unlimited calls across the country. On the other hand, according to reviews, this service is portable in that one can receive and make calls wherever there is a broadband connection. This is simply done by signing in to VOIP account, and this makes the service as convenient as e-mail.

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 There are a number of disadvantages of using this service. For instance, one may loose service during a power outage. In this case, when power goes, the VOIP service also goes. Power generators and power backups; however, provides a solution to this problem. Another major concern for many potential customers is on the use of emergency calls. When using traditional phone answering services, your call can be traced incase you call 911 but you cannot speak. However, this is not possible with the also has reliability and quality problems. In this case, data that is sent across the internet may arrive at the destination scrambled. Voice data also arrives at the destination scrambled but it is more complicated. This is mainly because of the real-time nature of the VOIP.