Review of teleconferencing service

Grey Mouse Global is one of the teleconferences services that serve Australia that is really making a name for themselves. They are known for having a flat audio conferencing rate of 8 cents per minute. does not, however, make you sign a contract or have any hidden costs that pop up at random moments. These are things that you may experience with other teleconferencing call services but it should be the least of your worries when dealing with Grey Mouse. Not to mention the fact that they have some pretty amazing reviews of Grey Mouse posted throughout the web which leads potential customers to believe that are the company to use when it comes to teleconferencing due to the customer feedback.

Grey Mouse Teleconference is also said to be very easy to start. Also, their teleconferencing services have been described as being reliable and they even have a feature that allows you to go ahead and book your reoccurring conferences. Not to mention the fact that despite the fact that has all of these amazing features available they only make you pay for what you use unlike many of the other Australian teleconferencing companies.

Overall, Grey Mouse teleconferencing is a name you can trust. They have never been listed as a greymouse scam, fraud, or greymouse rip off by any of their customers. So, this definitely says a lot about the quality of the teleconferencing services that they have available. In fact, none of their customers have even complained about not receiving a Grey Mouse discount because obviously the quality of their call conferencing services is considered to be top of the line.

Basically, if you are looking for top notch teleconferencing services that does not require you to sign a contract Grey Mouse Teleconferencing is one of the call conferencing services that you will want to keep in mind for your business. None of the other teleconferencing services can compete based on the testimonials that Grey Mouse has received.