teleconference services review

If you are looking for high quality teleconferencing services then your solution is Conference Plus. They offer a wide variety of teleconferencing services ranging from audio teleconferencing to web conferencing. They even have their own website, for potential customers to look over before they decide to make their decision. Customers are raving about this company. Current customers say that their rates are very affordable and their customer support team is always friendly and ready to answer any questions one may have regarding teleconferencing. Some have even gone as far as to say provides the best teleconference service.

When you look at their website, you can see that their site is fairly easy to navigate. The only downside of Conference Plus is that on their website they are not really to clear as to what their rates are. They give you the starting rate but they do not really go into many details regarding the different teleconferencing services rates. This may come off as a little sketchy to some. However, they do list multiple ways that potential customers are able to contact them. So, maybe customer support is the ones who provide this information.

Conference Plus seems to stay very in tune with their customers. They can be found on quite a few of the different social networking sites such as twitter. So, if one wants to find reviews about Conference Plus they can easy join one of their social networking groups and interact with other users. Based on the information that is given on it seems that they offer some sort of free trial. However, they do not indicate how long the free trial is nor which services come included in the free trial so this is something else that would have to be discussed with their customer support team.